The Resource Adaptive mobile robotics : proceedings of the 15th international conference on climbing and walking robots and the support technologies for mobile machines, Baltimore, USA, 23-26 July, 2012, editors, A.K.M. Azad [and others]

Adaptive mobile robotics : proceedings of the 15th international conference on climbing and walking robots and the support technologies for mobile machines, Baltimore, USA, 23-26 July, 2012, editors, A.K.M. Azad [and others]

Adaptive mobile robotics : proceedings of the 15th international conference on climbing and walking robots and the support technologies for mobile machines, Baltimore, USA, 23-26 July, 2012
Adaptive mobile robotics
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proceedings of the 15th international conference on climbing and walking robots and the support technologies for mobile machines, Baltimore, USA, 23-26 July, 2012
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editors, A.K.M. Azad [and others]
This book provides state-of-the-art scientific and engineering research findings and developments in the area of mobile robotics and associated support technologies. The book contains peer reviewed articles presented at the CLAWAR 2012 conference. Robots are no longer confined to industrial and manufacturing environments. A great deal of interest is invested in the use of robots outside the factory environment. The CLAWAR conference series, established as a high profile international event, acts as a platform for dissemination of research and development findings and supports such a trend to address the current interest in mobile robotics to meet the needs of mankind in various sectors of the society. These include personal care, public health, services in the domestic, public and industrial environments. The editors of the book have extensive research experience and publications in the area of robotics in general and in mobile robotics specifically, and their experience is reflected in editing the contents of the book
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Adaptive mobile robotics : proceedings of the 15th international conference on climbing and walking robots and the support technologies for mobile machines, Baltimore, USA, 23-26 July, 2012, editors, A.K.M. Azad [and others]
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  • Section 1. Plenary presentations. Robustness in animals as inspiration for the next generation robot / Robert J. Full. Feedback control of planar bipedal locomotion / Jessy W. Grizzle. Use of compliant actuators in prosthetics and rehabilitation robotics / Dirk Lefeber. Transitions in the locomotion of robots and the robotics of locomotion / Daniel E. Koditschek. AlphaDog, the rough-terrain robot / Marc Raibert -- Section 2. Assistive robots. Tracking control system for walking assist using intention estimation / K. Matsuo [and others]. Driving assistance control of a passive-type robotic wheelchair based on a user's intension / T. Higuchi [and others]. Experimental analysis of interactive behaviors for a personal mobile robot / C. Granata [and others]. Strategies to reduce energy expenditure in the motion control of lower-limb orthoses / D. Sanz-Merodio [and others]. Study on the control based on virtual spring model for lower extremity exoskeleton / J.-W. Lee [and others]. State space modelling and control of squ-two-wheeled mobility vehicle (SQU-TWMV): an energy analysis approach / A. Al-Harrasi [and others]. Taking advantage of the joint synergy for the actuation in a lower-limb active orthosis / D. Sanz-Merodio [and others] -- Section 3. Autonomous robots. Real time PID control of a two-wheeled robot / A.R. Short [and others]. A stereo vision model for a small form factor autonomous mobile robot "KCLBOT" / E. Georgiou, J. Dai and M. Luck. Precise self-localization of a walking robot on rough terrain using PTAM / D. Belter and P. Skrzypczynski. Mobile robot navigation via olfaction / S.M. Arman Ullah and G.S. Virk. Turn around behavior generation and execution for unmanned ground vehicles operating in rough terrain / M.M. Dabbeeru [and others]. Impact of payload intertia on the system damping characteristics of a two-wheeled robotic machine / K.M. Goher [and others]. Autonomous navigation of a 5 gram crawling millirobot in a complex environment / A. Mathis [and others]. Holonic motion control design for a class of modular outdoor walking robots / T. Borangiu [and others]. Mathematical modelling and pid control of squ-two-wheeled mobility vehicle (SQU-TWMV) / A. Al-Siyabi [and others]. Adaptive mobile robot path planning based algorithm for dynamic environments / H.H. Shehata and J. Schlattmann -- Section 4. Biologically-inspired systems and solutions. Effect of inertial tail on yaw rate of 45 gram legged robot / N.J. Kohut [and others]. Application of new braided soft actuator design in biomimetic robot locomotion / M.F.A. Athif [and others]
  • Inclination detection and adaptive walking for low-cost six-legged walking robots using organic computing principle / A. Al-Homsy, J. Hartmann and E. Maehle. Coordinates matter: virtual chassis and minimum perturbation coordinate representations / D. Rollinson, R. Hatton and H. Choset. Using pneumatic artificial muscle in development of in-pipe inspection robot for narrow pipes based on an earthworm's peristaltic crawling motion / M. Ikeuchi [and others]. Path planning with robot's transformation for traveling-wave-type mobile robot (TORO-IV) / T. Osawa, T. Ogawa and T. Nakamura. Propose of V-shaped closed elastica and its application to fish-like robot / M. Nagasawa [and others]. Snake-like, tracked, mobile robot with active flippers for urban search-and-rescue tasks / M. Neumann [and others]. Barrier navigating and shelter seeking robot inspired by cockroach behavior / V.A. Webster [and others]. Modeling half-circular compliant leg by using SimMechanics / M.O. Ogucu, A. Saranli and Y. Yazicioglu. Inertial redirection of thrust forces for flight stabilization / A. Demir [and others]. Direct control design with bacterial foraging algorithm / S.M. Hassan, H. Supriyono and M.O. Tokhi. Integrating capture point into biologically motivated controlled biped for maintaining stable state / J. Zhao and K. Berns -- Section 5. Innovative design of CLAWAR. A new approach to the modelling of vortex-based suction cups for climbing robot adhesion / F. Bonaccorso [and others]. Design and scaling of versatile quadruped robots / C. Semini [and others]. Environmentally adaptive control policies for expensive systems / M. Tesch, J. Schneider and H. Choset. In-pipe inspection robot / N. Bastaki [and others]. Basic performance of flat kick-swimming robot powered by impulse force generator with spatially-deformable V-shape elastica / S. Imai and H. Mochiyama. "Uniball" a novel method of movement for pipe climbing robot / G.S. Virk and R. Zandian. Mobile ground-movement and wall-claiming (MGMWC) robot / I. Heng and A.S. Zhang -- Section 6. Locomotion. Impedance control for a bioinspired underactuated leg / J.C. Arevalo [and others]. On passive motion of the arms for a walking planar biped / B. Kaddar, Y. Aoustin and C. Chevallereau. Some aspects of the movement MERO modular walking robot on unarranged terrain / I. Ion [and others]. A closed-loop optimal control approach for online control of a planar monoped hopper / S. Pouya, M. Ajallooeian and J. Ijspeert. Synthesis biped dynamic walking based on offline trajectory generation / A. Safonov [and others]. Gait modification strategy for a six-legged robot walking on rough terrain / D. Belter
  • Mechanics of crawling robot with sliding seal / V. Gradetsky and V. Chashchukhin. Smooth walk of a skid-steering vehicle consisting of feet jointed to each wheel rim / T. Okada, S. Tezuka and H. Wada. Control system of omni-directional mobile robot with caster drive mechanism to develop reduction of motor output / Y. Ueno [and others]. Performance of the adaptive gait for the leg-wheel robot, RT-mover / S. Nakajima and K. Ietomi. Tail assisted dynamic self-righting / A.M. Johnson [and others] -- Section 7. Miscellaneous applications. D.R.O.P. The durable reconnaissance and observation platform / C. McKenzie and A. Parness. Development of a peristaltic Crawling robot with bellows-type artificial rubber muscles for sewer pipe inspection / T. Yanagida [and others]. Design of multi-terrain climbing robot for petrochemical applications / B. Kamagaluh, J.S. Kumar and G.S. Virk. Mobility prediction of rovers on soft terrain: effects of wheel- and tool-induced terrain deformations / D. Holz [and others]. Didactic human anthropomorphic gripper for automation teaching / A.J. Uribe, E. Diaz and H. Leon-Rodriguez. A tree-climbing robot for invasive insect detection / B.P.W. Babu [and others] -- Section 8. Modelling and simulation of CLAWAR. Robust PD-PID control of a new configuration of two-wheeled machines under various operating conditions / A.M. Almeshal [and others]. Hybrid fuzzy logic control of a two wheeled double inverted pendulum-like robotic vehicle / A.M. Almeshal [and others]. Power modeling of the XRL hexapedal robot and its application to energy efficient motion planning / C. Ordonez [and others]. Trajectory following control for omni-directional walking of a six-legged robot / H. Uchida, N. Shina and H. Kondoh. Geometric mechanics for sand-swimming / R.L. Hatton [and others]. Pipe inspection robot with parallel and flexible structure / S. Jatsun, A. Yatsun and S. Savin -- Section 9. Perception and sensor fusion. Design and experimentation of a tracking system for humanitarian determining applications / R. Fernandez [and others]. Robotic multisensory system for precision agriculture applications / H. Montes [and others]. Characterization of the measurement errors in a miniature laser scanner used for walking robots / P. Labecki, M. Nowicki and P. Skrzypczynski. Glove-based gesture recognition system / M.E. Cabrera [and others]
  • Real-time visual perception for terrain mapping in a walking robot / P. Labecki and P. Skrzypczynski. A sensor data fusion algorithm for indoor slam using a low-cost mobile robot / L. Buonocore, C.L. Nascimento Jr. and A.A. Neto -- Section 10. Planning and control. Dynamic potential field generation using movement prediction / R. Acuna [and others]. Position-based impedance control of a hydraulic actuator for a walking robot / S.-R. Lee, J.-S. Cho and S.-D. Park. Multi-axis control system for walking machines / K. Kozlowski, M. Michalski and P. Parulski. Local distributed control for multi-robot navigation / A. Terrones [and others] -- Section 11. Service robots. Multi-functional wall climbing robot / V.G. Gradetsky and M.M. Knyazkov. Analysis of sliding suction cups for negative pressure adhesion of a robot climbing on concrete walls / D. Schmidt, K. Berns and J. Ohr. An imitation learning approach for truck loading operations in backhoe machines / C. Mastalli [and others]. ParcelBot: a tracked parcel transporter with high obstacle negotiation capabilities / M. Hoepflinger [and others] -- Section 12. Service robot standards and standardization. International robot safety standardisation / G.S. Virk. Revision of vocabulary standard for robots and robotic devices in ISO / S. Moon and S.-G. Lee. Performance evaluation of CLAWAR and personal care systems / F. Bonsignorio. Medical device standards -- why they are so important / C. Herman. Robot ethics / M.O. Tokhi
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