The Resource Class counts : education, inequality and the shrinking middle class, Allan Ornstein

Class counts : education, inequality and the shrinking middle class, Allan Ornstein

Class counts : education, inequality and the shrinking middle class
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education, inequality and the shrinking middle class
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Allan Ornstein
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O76 2007
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Class counts : education, inequality and the shrinking middle class, Allan Ornstein
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What the book is about -- About the author -- Introduction -- Historical thoughts of equality and inequality -- Personal comments on inequality -- Poverty expressed through the novel -- The subjective valence -- Good morning America! -- Our Western heritage -- The Greeks -- Greek history and philosophy -- Class and culture -- America: the new Athens, the new Rome -- The fall of Rome -- The future of Pax Americana -- Old history lessons -- Current history lessons -- 1776 and beyond: elitist versus enlightened thought -- Revolutionary icons -- Washington: the nation's leader in war and peace -- Adams: not so liberal -- Madison: a Roman form of government - a republic -- Patrician principles and property rights -- The Tories -- Federalists and Whigs -- The spirit of '76 -- Crossing swords -- Alexander Hamilton: limiting the "mob." -- Thomas Jefferson: natural rights and humanitarianism -- Jefferson and Hamilton yesterday and today -- A final comment -- Patrician influence and social/educational thought -- Worlds apart -- Stretched thin, today -- Economics 101/ education 101 -- The economics of teaching and schooling -- A trip down memory lane -- The promised land -- Pushing ahead -- Geography and "smart" thinking -- Reaffirming the best and brightest -- A change in meritocracy -- Relationship of education to income -- The conservative view -- The liberal view -- A synthesis view -- The call for educational excellence and equity -- Racial and class implications -- What is equality -- The role of education -- Historical perspective -- Educational opportunity -- The winning of the West -- The democratic forces of the West -- Hypothesizing about the past -- The voice of Rousseau -- Shades of blue and gray and black and white -- Social mobility and social structure -- Measures of inequality -- A just society -- Power, privilege, and elite institutions -- A final comment: frankness and fairness -- Education, mobility and the American dream -- Conservative and liberal thoughts concerning class -- The rich and poor -- The new titans and the new workers -- Left behind Americans -- Imbalances of big business -- Changing American society -- Post Sputnik schooling: talent, testing, and tracking -- Equal opportunity -- Conservative and liberal educators -- Supply and demand-and the American dream -- The changing market place -- Mounting debt and declining mobility -- Money and morality -- Worsening gaps between the super rich and non rich -- The declining influence of education -- A final comment -- The golden years are over -- The guilded age -- The triumph of big business -- Engendering the American dream -- The ideal industrial model -- Visions and divisions of reform -- Criticism of corporate industrialism -- A "modest" proposal -- U.S.A. today -- Bundles of money -- The rich get richer -- Lessons to learn -- Oops, a different historical perspective -- Disappearing dollars -- Some oldies and goodies -- Economic bust within an economic boom -- Feed the workers more pork -- Retiring and rethinking college saving plans -- Leaving the old folks behind -- World inequality -- New York City: an electric jolt -- Personal images and interpretations -- Global inequality and instability -- The changing global village -- The shrinking white world -- High-tech vs low-tech nations -- The growing proletariat -- The third world is growing -- Post-modern reality -- The "population bomb" -- Inequality and third-world women -- Energy, earth and the economy -- All roads lead to Washington, D.C -- Disagreement and debate -- The class between belief and unbelief -- Wisfhul thinking: recommendations and solutions -- Sword fighting between conservatives and liberals -- Seeking a sane policy -- Extreme views -- Tax-cut theorists: differences between the political left and right -- Off center: miles apart -- Finding the center -- Donkeys, elephants, and rich people -- Political lessons to learn -- Dreaming the impossible dream -- Reforming the tax code -- Estate and gifts taxes -- Luxury tax -- Windfall tax -- Focus on fuel -- Focus on essentials -- Free college tuition -- Safety nets stretched thin -- Deficits, debt, and declining benefits -- Social security -- The pension picture -- The health care bubble -- Private health care -- Medicaid -- Medicare -- A personal perspective -- Food for political thought -- Last words
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xiii, 357 p.
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