The Resource Fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei : proceedings of the fourth International Conference, Sanibel Island, USA, 11-17 November 2007, editors, J.H. Hamilton, A.V. Ramayya, H.K. Carter

Fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei : proceedings of the fourth International Conference, Sanibel Island, USA, 11-17 November 2007, editors, J.H. Hamilton, A.V. Ramayya, H.K. Carter

Fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei : proceedings of the fourth International Conference, Sanibel Island, USA, 11-17 November 2007
Fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei
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proceedings of the fourth International Conference, Sanibel Island, USA, 11-17 November 2007
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editors, J.H. Hamilton, A.V. Ramayya, H.K. Carter
"These proceedings are the fourth in the series of International Conferences covering fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei, which are at the forefront of nuclear structure research. The time interval of 5 years between each conference allows for significant new results to be achieved. Recently, world leaders in theory and experiments in research and the development of new facilities for research presented their latest results in areas such as synthesis of superheavy elements, new facilities for and recent results with radioactive ion beams, structure of neutron-rich nuclei, nuclear fission process, fission yields and nuclear astrophysics. This book is a major source of the latest research in these areas and plans for the future. The conference brought together a unique group of over 100 speakers including the directors of the major nuclear laboratories in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and the US along with leading research scientists from around the world."--Jacket
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Fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei : proceedings of the fourth International Conference, Sanibel Island, USA, 11-17 November 2007, editors, J.H. Hamilton, A.V. Ramayya, H.K. Carter
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  • Opening session. Nuclear processes in stellar explosions / M. Wiescher. In-beam [symbol]-ray spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei at NSCL / A. Gade -- Nuclear structure I. Shell-model structure of neutron-rich nuclei beyond [symbol]Sn / A. Covello [and others]. Shell structure and evolution of collectivity in nuclei above the [symbol]Sn core / S. Sarkar and M.S. Sarkar. Heavy-ion fusion using density-constrained TDHF / A.S. Umar and V.E. Oberacker. Towards an extended microscopic theory for upper-fp shell nuclei / K.P. Drumev. Properties of the Zr and Pb isotopes near the drip-line / V.N. Tarasov [and others]. Identification of high spin states in [symbol] Cs nuclei and shell model calculations / K. Li [and others]. Recent measurements of spherical and deformed isomers using the Lohengrin fission-fragment spectrometer / G.S. Simpson [and others] -- Nuclear structure II. Nuclear structure investigation with rare isotope spectroscopic investigations at GSI / P. Boutachkov. Exploring the evolution of the shell structures by means of deep inelastic reactions / G. de Anaelis. Probing shell closures in neutron-rich nuclei / R. Krücken for the S277 and REX-ISOLDEMINIBALL collaborations. Structure of Fe isotopes at the limits of the pf-shell / N. Hoteling [and others]. Spectroscopy of K isomers in shell-stabilized trans-fermium nuclei / S.K. Tandel [and others] -- Radioactive ion beam facilities. SPIRAL2 at GANIL: a world leading ISOL facility for the next decade / S. Gales. New physics at the International Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) next to GSI / I. Augustin [and others]. Radioactive beams from a high powered ISOL system / A.C. Shotter. RlKEN RT beam factory / T. Motobayashi. NSCL -- ongoing activities and future perspectives / C.K. Gelbke. Rare isotope beams at Argonne / W.F. Henning. HRIBF: scientific highlights and future prospects / J.R. Beene. Radioactive ion beam research done in Dubna / G.M. Ter-Akopian [and others] -- Fission I. Fission-fragment spectroscopy with STEFF / A.G. Smith [and others]. Gamma ray multiplicity of [symbol]Cf spontaneous fission using LiBerACE / D.L. Bleuel [and others]. Excitation energy dependence of fragment mass and total kinetic energy distributions in proton-induced fission of light actinides / I. Nishinaka [and others]. A dynamical calculation of multi-modal nuclear fission / T. Wada and T. Asano. Structure of fission potential energy surfaces in ten-dimensional spaces / V.V. Pashkevich, Y.K Pyatkov and A.V. Unzhakova. A possible enhancement of nuclear fission in scattering with low energy charged particles / V. Gudkov. Dynamical multi-break processes in the [symbol]Sn + [symbol]Ni system at 35 MeV/Nucleon / M. Papa and ISOSPIN-RE VERSE collaboration -- New experimental techniques. MTOF -- a high resolution isobar separator for studies of exotic decays / A. Piechaczek [and others]. Development of ORRUBA: a silicon array for the measurement of transfer reactions in inverse kinematics / S.D. Pain [and others]. Indian national gamma array: present & future / R.K. Bhowmik. Absolute intensities of [symbol] rays emitted in the decay of [symbol]U / H.C. Griffin -- Superheavy elements theory and experiments / M.G. Itkis [and others]. Study of superheavy elements at SHIP / S. Hofinann. Heaviest nuclei from [symbol]Ca-induced reactions / Yu. Ts. Oaanessian. Superheavy nuclei and giant nuclear systems / W. Greiner and V. Zagrebaev. Fission approach to alpha-decay of superheavy nuclei / D.N. Poenaru and W. Greiner. Superheavy elements in the Magic Islands / C. Samanta. Relativistic mean field studies of superheavy nuclei / A.V. Afanas jev. Understanding the synthesis of the heaviest nuclei / W. Loveland -- Mass measurements and g-factors. G factor measurements in neutron-rich [symbol]Cf fission fragments, measured using the gammasphere array / R. Orlandi [and others]. Technique for measuring angular correlations and g-factors in neutron rich nuclei produced by the spontaneous fission of [symbol]Cf / A.V. Daniel [and others]. Magnetic moment measurements in a radioactive beam environment / N. Benczer-Koller and G. Kumbartzki. g-Factor measurements of picosecond states: opportunities and limitations of the recoil-in-vacuum method / N.J. Stone [and others]. Precision mass measurements and trap-assisted spectroscopy of fission products from Ni to Pd / A. Jokinen -- Fission II. Fission research at IRMM / F.-J. Hambsch. Fission yield measurements at the IGISOL facility with JYFLTRAP / H. Penttilä [and others]. Fission of radioactive beams and dissipation in nuclear matter / A. Heinz (for the CHARMS collaboration). Fission of [symbol]U at 80 MeVlu and search for new neutron-rich isotopes / C.M. Folden, III [and others]. Measurement of the average energy and multiplicity of prompt-fission neutrons and gamma rays from [symbol], [symbol], and [symbol] for incident neutron energies of 1 to 200 MeV / R.C. Haight [and others]. Fission measurements with DANCE / M. Jandel [and others]. Measured and calculated neutron-induced fission cross sections of [symbol]Pu / F. Tovesson and T.S. Hill. The fission barrier landscape / L. Phair and L.G. Moretto. Fast neutron-induced fission of some actinides and sub-actinides / A.B. Lautev [and others] -- Fission III/Nuclear structure III. Complex structure in even-odd staggering of fission fragment yields / M. Caamāno and F. Rejmund. The surrogate method: past, present and future / S.R. Lesher [and others]. Effects of nuclear incompressibility on heavy-ion fusion / H. Esbensen and Ş. Mişicu. High spin states in [symbol]Pm / A. Dhal [and others]. Structure of [symbol]Sm, spherical vibrator versus softly deformed rotor / J.B. Gupta -- Astrophysics. Measuring the astrophysical S-factor in plasmas / A. Bonasera [and others]. Is there shell quenching or shape coexistence in Cd isotopes near N = 82? / J.K. Hwang, A.V. Ramayya and J.H. Hamilton. Spectroscopy of neutron-rich palladium and cadmium isostopes near A= 120 / M.A. Stoyer and W.B. Walters -- Nuclear structure IV. First observation of new neutron-rich magnesium, aluminum and silicon isotopes / A. Stolz [and others]. Spectroscopy of [symbol]Na revolution of shell structure with isospin / V. Tripathi [and others]. Rearrangement of proton single particle orbitals in neutron-rich potassium isotopes -- spectroscopy of [symbol]K / W. Królas [and others]. Laser spectroscopy and the nature of the shape transition at N [symbol] 60 / B. Cheal [and others]. Study of nuclei near stability as fission fragments following heavy-ion reactions / N. Fotiadis. [symbol]C and [symbol]N: lifetime measurements of their first-excited states / M. Wiedeking [and others] -- Nuclear astrophysics. Isomer spectroscopy near [symbol]Sn -- first observation of excited states in [symbol]Cd / M. Pfitzner [and others]. Nuclear masses and what they imply for the structures of neutron rich nuclei / A. Awahamian and A. Teymurazyan. Multiple nucleosynthesis processes in the early universe / F. Montes. Single-neutron structure of neutron-rich nuclei near N = 50 and N = 82 / J.A. Cizewski [and others]. [symbol]Cadmium: ugly duckling or young swan / W.B. Walters [and others] -- Nuclear structure V. Evidence for chiral doublet bands in [symbol]Ru / Y.X. Luo [and others]. Unusual octupole shape deformation terms and K-mixing / J.O. Rasmussen [and others]. Spin assignments, mixing ratios, and g-factors in neutron rich [symbol]Cf fission products / C. Goodin [and others]. Level structures and double [symbol]-bands in [symbol]Mo, [symbol]Mo and [symbol]Ru / S.J. Zhu [and others] -- Nuclear theory. Microscopic dynamics of shape coexistence phenomena around [symbol]Se and [symbol]Kr / N. Hinohara [and others]. Nuclear structure, double beta decay and test of physics beyond the standard model / A. Faessler. Collective modes in elastic nuclear matter / Ş. Mişicu and S. Bastrukov
  • From N = Z to neutron rich: magnetic moments of Cu isotopes at and above the [symbol]Ni and [symbol]Ni double shell closures -- what next? / N.J. Stone, J.R. Stone and U. Köster -- Nuclear structure VI. Decay studies of nuclei near [symbol]Ni / R. Grzywacz. Weakening of the [symbol]Ni core for Z> 28, N> 50? / J.A. Winger [and others]. Coulomb excitation of the odd-A [symbol]Cu isotopes with MINIBALL and REX-ISOLDE / I. Stefanescu [and others]. Neutron single particle states and isomers in odd mass nickel isotopes near [symbol]Ni / M.M. Raiabali [and others]. [symbol] and [symbol]-delayed neutron decay studies of [symbol]Ch at the HRIBF / S.V. Ilvushkin [and others] -- Posters. Properties of Fe, Ni and Zn isotope chains near the drip-line / V.N. Tarasov [and others]. Probing nuclear structure of [symbol]Xe / J.B. Gupta. Shape coexistence in [symbol]Zr and large deformation in [symbol]Zr / J.K. Hwang [and others]. Digital electronics and their application to beta decay spectroscopy / S.N. Liddick, S. Padgett and R. Grzywacz. Nuclear shape and structure in neutron-rich [symbol]Tc / Y.X. Luo [and others]. Speeding up the r-process. Investigation of first forbidden [symbol] decays in N> 50 isotopes near [symbol]Ni / S. Padgett [and others]. Yields of fission products from various actinide targets / E.H. Sveiewski [and others]
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