The Resource History of Russian underwater acoustics, Oleg A. Godin, David R. Palmer

History of Russian underwater acoustics, Oleg A. Godin, David R. Palmer

History of Russian underwater acoustics
History of Russian underwater acoustics
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Oleg A. Godin, David R. Palmer
This book discusses in depth many of the key problems in non-equilibrium physics. The origin of macroscopic irreversible behavior receives particular attention and is illustrated in the framework of solvable models. An updated discussion on the linear response focuses on the correct electrodynamic aspects, which are essential for example, in the proof of the Nyquist theorem. The material covers the scaling relationship between different levels of description (kinetic to hydrodynamic) as well as spontaneous symmetry breaking in real time in terms of nonlinear dynamics (attractors), illustrated using the example of Bose-Einstein condensation. The presentation also includes the latest developments - quantum kinetics - related to modern ultrafast spectroscopy, where transition from reversible to irreversible behavior occurs
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History of Russian underwater acoustics, Oleg A. Godin, David R. Palmer
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  • I. Introduction: underwater acoustics and the ocean hydroacoustics: what is it? / M.V. Zhurkovich. Listening to the great unknown: the ocean / L.M. Brekhovskikh -- II. Hydroacoustics in Russia from the 19th century to the present time. A brief history of Russian hydroacoustics / Ya. S. Karlik, V.A. Semendyaev and Yu. F. Tarasyuk -- III. The physics of underwater sound. The development of sound propagation theory in the USSR and in Russia / V.V. Goncharov. Soviet and Russian studies of underwater sound scattering and acoustic signal fluctuations / E.P. Gulin and Yu. P. Lysanov. Russian investigations of ocean noise / B.F. Kuryanov -- IV. Laying the scientific and practical foundation for home hydroacoustics. Vodtranspribor -- the alma mater of engineering of home hydroacoustic instrument / V.A. Bersenev and B. Ya. Golubchik. The Morfizpribor Central Research Institute (CRI) and its role in the development of home hydroacoustics / Yu. A. Koryakin, A.I. Shamparov and G.V. Yakovlev. Development of investigations in hydroacoustics at the Acad. N.N. Andreyev Institute of Acoustics / N.A. Dubrovsky and V.I. Mazepov. The history of creation and the work of the Sukhumi Marine Research Station of ACIN RAS / Yu. M. Sukharevsky. Development of some topics in hydroacoustics at the Acad. A.N. Krylov CRI / B.P. Grigoryev [and others]. SRI atoll and its role in the creation of stationary hydroacoustic facilities for submarine surveillance / L. Sh. Gumerov. The P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology: its place and role in home hydroacoustics / I.I. Tynyankin. The laboratory of acoustic wave propagation of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology / V.M. Kurtepov. Hydroacoustics development at the Institutes of Nizhny Novgorod / V.A. Zverev. A brief overview of hydroacoustic investigations at Research Institutions of the Sakhalin / Yu. S. Shumilov. Overview of hydroacoustic investigations conducted by research organizations of the Kamchatka / A.D. Konson, G. Ye. Smirnov and Yu. S. Shumilov -- V. Submarine hydroacoustic equipment. Hydroacoustic systems for submarines of the pre-World War II and first post-war generations / V.E. Zelyakh. The sonar system Kerch: the history of its creation / B. Ya. Golubchik. The birth of Rubin / Yu. A. Mikhailov. Remembering Yenisei / V.B. Idin. About the Sonar Rubikon / Yu. A. Mikhailov. Third generation of acoustic systems for submarines: the sonar system Skat / M.V. Zhurkovich [and others]. Creation of the sonar system Skat-3 / V.A. Kakalov. Creation of first domestic classification systems for submarine sonar systems / Yu. S. Perelmuter. Equipment for Sound Signal Detection (SSD) / I.M. Strelkov -- VI. Sonar systems for surface ships. Development of surface ship sonar systems for submarine detection / Z.A. Yeremina [and others]. History of development of sonar systems production at the Taganrog Priboy plant / N.N. Borisenko -- VII. Stationary sonar systems. Stationary and self-contained sonars for submarine detection / L.B. Karlov and Ya. S. Karlik. The history of the development of the Volkhov land-based sonar / V.N. Kanareykin and E.V. Yakovlev. The history of the development of the Liman land-based sonar system / G.I. Afrutkin and V.S. Kasatkin. The Liman M infrasonic stationary sonar / G.I. Afrutkin. The Amur land-based passive sonar / E.V. Batanogov and L.B. Karlov. The birth of the Agam Sonar / V.V. Demyanovich. The beginning of the development of the Dnestr sonar system / B.I. Lashkov. The Dnestr -- a breakthrough in early sonar detection / R. Kh. Balyan. The story of the participation of the Lazurit CDB in the development of array systems for stationary sonars / G.V. Vityugov, Yu. K. Druzhinin and N.I. Kvasha -- VIII. Specialized hydroacoustic systems. Sonars for anchored mines / V.E. Zelyakh. Krab: A fuse for acoustic mines / Z.N. Umikov. Hydroacoustic navigation and positioning aids with transponder beacons and emergency signal sources / Yu. A. Nikolayenko. From the history of the engineering of domestic echo sounding equipment / I.M. Korotkin [and others]. From the history of the creation of domestic echo sounders / Yu. F. Tarasyuk and L.S. Filimonov. On the history of the creation of domestic hydroacoustic communication systems (designer's notes) / V.Z. Krants. On search and survey sonars / A.V. Bogorodsky. Domestic hydroacoustic sound speed meters / V.A. Komlyakov. Hydroacoustic Doppler logs / A.G. Zatsepin. Sonar countermeasures and deception aids / A.O. Markovsky. Aspects of the history of passive hydroacoustic systems with emphasis on adaptive processing / V.I. Klyachkin and Yu. P. Podgaisky -- IX. Sonar arrays. The types of sonar arrays and the stages of their development / A.A. Shabrov. Results are born in research / V.I. Klyachkin. On the basic themes in submarine bow sonar array development / M.D. Smaryshev. A history of creation of towed, flexible, extended arrays / V.I. Pozern. The history of the stepped array / G. Kh. Golubeva. About parametric arrays / D.B. Ostrovsky. A nostalgia for domes / V.T. Malyarova and Ye. L. Shenderov. Sonar array screens / V. Ye. Glazanov. Piezoactive materials in hydroacoustics / I.A. Serova. Notes on the development over the last years of methods for the manufacture of piezoelectric transducers / M.K. Busher. Some thoughts on the strength of sonar equipment / V.I. Kirillov and Yu. P. Mezhevitinov. About the acoustics department of the Vodtranspribor plant / D.I. Kalyaeva and L.D. Stepanov. The history of development of hydroacoustic measurements at the CRI Morfizpribor / N.N. Fedorov and R.I. Eikhfeld -- X. The role of the radio engineering department and the Naval RI in the creation of hydroacoustic equipment. The naval radio engineering department and development of hydroacoustics / A.I. Barantsev and G.N. Korolkov. The Naval Research Institute of Radio Electronics and its role in home hydroacoustics development / A.A. Baranenko. The contribution of researchers and specialists of the Naval Institutes to the creation of submarine hydroacoustic systems / K.P. Luginets. The contribution of researchers and specialists of the Naval RIE to solving problems of target classification / A.I. Mashoshin. Contribution of hydroacoustics researchers of Naval RIE to experimental investigation of the world's oceans / V.N. Matvienko. Hydroacoustic investigations carried out by the State Research Institute of Navigation and Hydrography of the RF Defense Ministry / P.S. Volosov and A.V. Fedotov. The work of the military agency at CRI Morfizpribor / L.B. Karlov and I.A. Yakovlev -- XI. Organization of hydroacoustic equipment development. The 10th main department of the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR: its role and place in the development of home hydroacoustics / N.N. Sviridov and B.I. Trushchelev -- XII. Training of hydroacoustics engineering and research personnel. The Department of Electroacoustics and Ultrasonic Engineering at SPb SEU (LETI) and its role in the development of the acoustic instrument industry / S.K. Pavros and Ye. D. Pigulevsky. The branch department of LETI at CRI Morfizpribor and its role in training hydroacoustics specialists / M.D. Smaryshev. The training of engineers and researchers in applied hydroacoustics at the N.G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy / V.B. Mit'ko. The Chair of acoustics at Moscow State University and its role in training hydroacoustics specialists and the development of the vector-phase method for acoustic field research / V.A. Gordienko. Training of engineering and research personnel in applied hydroacoustics at the Marine Technical University / K.I. Rogozhnikov and G.M. Sverdlin. The history of development of the Chair of hydroacoustic equipment at the A.S. Popov Naval School of Electronic Engineering / V.A. Bledny, I.S. Zakharov and N.A. Ivanov. The training of specialists and hydroacoustic research at the Naval School of Underwater Navigation (NSUN) / V.V. Rotin
  • The history of teaching the fundamentals of hydroacoustics and hydroacoustic equipment at the M.V. Frunze Naval School / A.V. Lavrentyev, A.S. Pravodelov and V.V. Samsonov -- XIII. Veterans remember. Russia's first hydroacoustic laboratory: the forging of specialists for the industry / M.V. Zhurkovich and Z.N. Umikov. Project SIGAK: the first use of the underwater sound channel in support of navy needs / V.B. Idin. Our help to the People's Republic of China with developing hydroacoustic equipment / V.N. Kanareykin and A.N. Maksimov. Neptune's Underwater World through the eyes of a chief designer / Ya. S. Karlik. Northern fleet training with the participation of the Naval Institute of Electronics and CRI Morfizpribor / L.B. Karlov. Military application of hydroacoustics: the first non-periscope attacks by Soviet submariners / V.F. Martynyuk, Yu. F. Tarasyuk and L.S. Filimonov. Dolphins and humans / N.A. Dubrovsky
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