The Resource Internet of things : International Workshop, IOT 2012, Changsha, China, August 17-19, 2012. Proceedings, Yongheng Wang, Xiaoming Zhang (eds.), (electronic resource)

Internet of things : International Workshop, IOT 2012, Changsha, China, August 17-19, 2012. Proceedings, Yongheng Wang, Xiaoming Zhang (eds.), (electronic resource)

Internet of things : International Workshop, IOT 2012, Changsha, China, August 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Internet of things
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International Workshop, IOT 2012, Changsha, China, August 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
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Yongheng Wang, Xiaoming Zhang (eds.)
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.I58 2012
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Communications in computer and information science,
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Internet of things : International Workshop, IOT 2012, Changsha, China, August 17-19, 2012. Proceedings, Yongheng Wang, Xiaoming Zhang (eds.), (electronic resource)
International conference proceedings
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  • Part 2.
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  • RFID
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  • Fault Diagnosis for Power Equipment Based on IoT
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  • Part 3.
  • Sensors and Equipments
  • Sensor Ontology Building in Semantic Sensor Web
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  • Panoramic CIM Model of Power Equipment at Converter Station Based on IOT
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  • An Infrared Ranging System for Automotive Anti-collision
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  • Research on Automotive Parts Abradability on Driving Behavior Analysis
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  • Research on Multimedia Signal Acquisition Strategy Based on Compressed Sensing
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  • Part 4.
  • PFSA: A Novel Fish Swarm Algorithm
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  • Research on Platform Integration of Equipment Support Simulation Training Systems and Integration Degree
  • Yunfeng Lian, Yu Lu, LiYun Chen and Yi Ma
  • A New Method for Extraction of Signals with Higher Order Temporal Structure
  • Lei Hu, Bowen Chen and Zhen Huang
  • A New Method for Vibration Signal Analysis Using Time-Frequency Data Fusion Technique
  • Lei Hu, Bowen Chen and Zhen Huang
  • Data Processing
  • Fast QR Code Image Process and Detection
  • Qichao Chen, Yaowei Du, Risan Lin and Yumin Tian
  • Towards Adaptable Workflow Management System: Shark Enhydra
  • Lazarus Obed Livingstone Banda, Zuping Zhang and Jing Xia
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  • A Study on Mobile Phone Security Industrial Ecology
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  • Research on Sensor-Gateway-Terminal Security Mechanism of Smart Home Based on IOT
  • Fei Li, Zhou Wan, Xin Xiong and Jiajun Tan
  • Part 6.
  • Applications and Others
  • Indicator Framework of IOT Industry Growth Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Jiajun Li and Nan Ma
  • Research on Architecture of the Internet of Things for Grain Monitoring in Storage
  • Baisen Xu, Dexian Zhang and Weidong Yang
  • Part 5.
  • Cloud-Recording Based Intelligent Feedback System of Voice Information
  • Mengwei Si, Wenwen Du, Yibo Wu and Jiawei Chen
  • Shopping System Based on Location Finding Technique of Internet of Things
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  • Study on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions Based on Cointegration Theory
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  • The Application of Cloud Computing in Smart Grid Status Monitoring
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  • Design Smart City Based on 3S, Internet of Things, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing Technology
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  • Security
  • Analysis and Design of Personalized Recommender System Based on Collaborative Filtering
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  • The Research of Data Mining Technology of Privacy Preserving in Sharing Platform of Internet of Things
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  • The SVM and Layered Intrusion Detection System Based on Network Hierarchical
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  • Application of Multi-vehicle Problem with Different Capacities
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  • Study on Risk Control of Network Transactions Based on Customer Perspectives
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  • A Multi-layer Security Model for Internet of Things
  • FPGA-Based Design and Implementation of Video Wall Display
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  • Research on B-tree in Embedded Database SQLite
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  • The Method of Parallel Design Based on Simulation
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  • Design and Research of Urban Intelligent Transportation System Based on the Internet of Things
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  • Design of Field Information Monitoring Platform Based on the Internet of Things
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  • Entropy-DEA Evaluation of Agile Supply Chain Management Based on IOT
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  • A Navigation System on the Dynamic Constraint Condition
  • AST-Based Plagiarism Detection Method
  • Liping Zhang, Dongsheng Liu, Yanchen Li and Mei Zhong
  • A Research on Plagiarism Detecting Method Based on XML Similarity and Clustering
  • Shengying Jia, Dongsheng Liu, Liping Zhang and Chenglong Liu
  • Research on the Relevant Standards of Internet of Tings
  • Jie Jing and Hao Li
  • The Computational Intelligence of Computer Go
  • Bin Wu
  • Visualizing the Random Forest by 3D Techniques
  • Min Yang, Hexin Xu, Dingju Zhu and Huijuan Chen
  • Qiang Ma, Jian Deng and Gan Wei
  • The Computational Intelligence of the Game Pac-Man
  • Bin Wu
  • A Reliable AOP Technique Using XML to Handle Semantic Aspect Problems
  • Eunsun Kim and Byungjeong Lee
  • Design of a Smart Meter Recorder with Mass Storage Based on DL/T645-2007 Protocol
  • Jia Guo and Dong Liu
  • Research on Temperament Classification Method Based on Fuzzy C-Means
  • Wenjun Yang, Yingying Zhu and Yongxin Li
  • How to Use Oprofile to Improve an Algorithm for Skia in Android
  • Haihang Yu and Gang Du
  • Cloud-Based Service Composition Architecture for Internet of Things
  • Li Liu, Xinrui Liu and Xinyu Li
  • Internet of Things Applications in Bulk Shipping Logistics: Problems and Potential Solutions
  • Xin Song, Lei Huang and Stefan Fenz
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