The Resource Many-body theory of molecules, clusters, and condensed phases, editors, N.H. March, G.G.N. Angilella

Many-body theory of molecules, clusters, and condensed phases, editors, N.H. March, G.G.N. Angilella

Many-body theory of molecules, clusters, and condensed phases
Many-body theory of molecules, clusters, and condensed phases
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editors, N.H. March, G.G.N. Angilella
This book provides a comprehensive review of seminal as well as recent results in the theory of condensed phases, including liquid metals, quantum liquids and Wigner crystals, along with selected applications, especially in the physical chemistry of molecules and clusters. A large part of this work is dedicated to the Thomas-Fermi semiclassical approximation for molecules and condensed phases, and its extension to inhomogeneous electron liquids and liquid metals. Correlation effects in quantum liquids and Wigner crystallization are other areas of focus of this work, with an emphasis towards the effect of low dimensionality and magnetic fields. The volume is a collection of reprints by N H March and collaborators over five decades
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Many-body theory of molecules, clusters, and condensed phases, editors, N.H. March, G.G.N. Angilella
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  • 12. Potential-locality constraint in determining an idempotent density matrix from diffraction experiment / A. Holas and N.H. March. 13. Field dependence of the energy of a molecule in a magnetic field / A. Holas and N.H. March. 14. Nonrelativistic exchange-energy density and exchange potential in the lowest order of the 1/Z expansion for ten-electron atomic ions / I.A. Howard [and others]. 15. Nuclear cusp conditions for components of the molecular energy density relevant for density-functional theory / N.H. March [and others]. 16. Nonrelativistic variationally optimized exchange potentials for Ne-like atomic ions having large atomic number / I.A. Howard, N.H. March, and J.D. Talman. 17. Recent progress in constructing nonlocal energy density functionals / N.H. March, I.A. Howard, and V.E. Van Doren. 18. Propagator and Slater sum in one-body potential theory / N.H. March and I.A. Howard. 19. Corrections to Slater exchange potential in terms of Dirac idempotent density matrix : With an approximate application to Be-like positive atomic ions for large atomic number / I.A. Howard and N.H. March. 20. Idempotent density matrix derived from a local potential V(r) in terms of HOMO and LUMO properties / I.A. Howard, N.H. March, and P.W. Ayers. 21. Electrostatic interpretation of the force [symbol] connected with the exchange-correlation potential : Direct relation to single-particle kinetic energy in the Be-atom / N.H. March, P. Geerlings, and K.D. Sen. 22. Exchange potential via functional differentiation of the Dirac idempotent density matrix / N.H. March and I.A. Howard. 23. Idempotent density matrix derived from a local potential V (r) in terms of HOMO and LUMO properties / I.A. Howard, N.H. March, and P.W. Ayers. 24. Can the exchange-correlation potential of density functional theory be expressed solely in terms of HOMO and LUMO properties? / I .A. Howard and N.H. March. 25. Differential virial theorem in relation to a sum rule for the exchange- correlation force in density-functional theory / A. Holas, N.H. March, and A. Rubio. 26. Exchange-correlation potential in terms of the idempotent Dirac density matrix of DFT / C. Amovilli and N.H. March. 27. Integral equation theory of the exchange potential, HOMO-LUMO properties, and sum rules for the exchange-correlation force / I.A. Howard and N.H. March. 28. Formally exact integral equation theory of the exchange-only potential in density-functional theory: Refined closure approximation / N.H. March and A. Nagy. pt. 3c. Applications of one-body potential theory : Local and nonlocal. 1. Electronic wave functions round a vacancy in a metal / N.H. March and A.M. Murray. 2. Self-consistent perturbation treatment of impurities and imperfections in metals / N.H. March and A.M. Murray. 3. Lattice dynamics, X-ray scattering and one-body potential theory / W. Jones and N.H. March. 4. Density-functional theory of magnetic instabilities in metals / J.C. Stoddart and N.H. March. 5. Exchange energy as functional of electronic density from Hartree-Fock theory of inhomogeneous electron gas / A.M. Beattie, J.C. Stoddart, and N.H. March. 6. Foundations of Walsh's rules for molecular shape / N.H. March. 7. The density matrix, density and Fermi hole in Hartree-Fock theory / K.A. Dawson and N.H. March. 8. Asymptotic formula far from nucleus for exchange energy density in Hartree-Fock theory of closed shell atoms / N.H. March. 9. Slater sum and kinetic energy tensor in some simple inhomogeneous electron liquids / C. Amovilli and N.H. March. 10. Correction to Slater exchange potential to yield exact K ohn-Sham potential generating the Hartree-Fock density / A. Holas and N.H. March. 11. The March model applied to boron cages / C. Amovilli and N.H. March. 12. Dependence of the [symbol]-electron eigenvalue sum on the number of atoms in almost spherical C cages / C. Amovilli [and others]. 13. Nonlocal energy density functionals : Models plus some exact general results / N.H. March. 14. Ground-state geometry and electronic structure of light atom clusters, especially H isotopes, Li, B, and C / N.H. March. 15. BeB2 nanostructures : a density functional study / L.M. Molina [and others]. 16. Two-dimensional electmstatic analog of the March model of C60 with a semiquantitative application to planar ring clusters / C. Amovilli and N.H. March. 17. Molecules in clusters : the case of planar LiBeBCNOF built from a triangular form LiOB and a linear four-center species FBeCN / N.H. March, and R. Pucci
  • pt. 1. Quantal electron crystals. 1. Kinetic and potential energies of an electron gas / N.H. March. 2. Probability density of electron separation in a uniform electron gas / N.H. March and W.H. Young. 3. A density matrix approach to correlation in a uniform electron gas / W.H. Young and N.H. March. 4. Localization of electrons in impure semiconductors by a magnetic field / J. Durkan, R.J. Elliott, and N.H. March. 5. Electrical conduction in the Wigner lattice in n type InSb in a magnetic field / C.M. Care and N.H. March. 6. Electron crystallization / C.M. Care and N.H. March. 7. Thermodynamics of Wigner crystallization / M. Parrinello and N.H. March. 8. Phenomenological theory of first- and second-order metal-insulator transitions at absolute zero / N.H. March, M. Suzuki, and M. Parrinello. 9. Cooperative magnetism in metallic jellium and in the insulating Wigner electron crystal / F. Herman and N.H. March. 10. Quantum-mechanical Wigner electron crystallization with and without magnetic fields / M.J. Lea and N.H. March. 11. The electron liquid-solid phase transition in two dimensions in a magnetic field / M.J. Lea and N.H. March. 12. The shear modulus and the phase diagram for two-dimensional Wigner electron crystals / M.J. Lea and N.H. March. 13. Thermodynamics of melting of a two-dimensional Wigner electron crystal / M.J. Lea, N.H. March, and W. Sung. 14. Can the hole liquid undergo Wigner crystallization in high-T[symbol]La[symbol]-xSrx CU0[symbol] at low density? / N.H. March, B.V. Paranjape, and F. Siringo. 15. Self-consistent force constant calculation for a two-dimensional Wigner electron crystal in high magnetic fields, and limitations of Lindemann's Law of melting / F. Siringo, M.J. Lea, and N.H. March. 16. Remnants of the Fermi surface in the Wigner electron crystal phase of a strongly interacting one-dimensional system / A. Holas and N.H. March. Melting of Wigner electron crystals : phenomenology and anyon magnetism / M.J. Lea, N.H. March, and W. Sung. 18. Melting of a magnetically induced Wigner electron solid and anyon properties / N.H. March. 19. Recent progress in the field of electron correlation / G. Senatore and N.H. March. 20. Thermodynamics of the equilibrium between a fractional quantum Hall liquid and a Wigner electron solid / N.H. March. 21. Fulleride superconductivity compared and contrasted with RVB theory of high Tc cuprates / R.H. Squire and N.H. March. 22. Fingerprints of quantal Wigner solid-like correlations in D-dimensional assemblies / N.H. March and R.H. Squire. 23. On the phase diagram of a two-dimensional electron gas near integer fillings and fractions such as 1/5 and 1/7 / F. Claro, A. Cabo, and N.H. March. 24. Wigner bosonic molecules with repulsive interactions and harmonic confinement / P. Capuzzi, N.H. March, and M.P. Tosi. 25. Phase diagram of two-dimensional electron gas in a perpendicular magnetic field around Landau level filling factors v = 1 and 3 / N.H. March, A. Cabo, and F. Claro. 26. Quantum statistics of charged particles and fingerprints of Wigner crystallization in D dimensions / N.H. March -- pt. 2. Structure, forces and electronic correlation functions in liquid metals. pt. 2a. Nuclear structure factor and pair potentials in some sp liquid metals. 1. Electronic momentum distribution in liquid metals and long-range oscillatory interactions between ions / T. Gaskell and N.H. March. 2. Long-range oscillatory interaction between ions in liquid metals / M.D. Johnson and N.H. March. 3. Interaction energies between defects in metals / J. Worster and N.H. March. 4. Interatomic forces and the structure of liquids / J.E. Enderby and N.H. March. 5. Small angle scattering from liquids : van der Waals forces in argon and collective mode in Na / C.C. Matthai and N.H. March. 6. Structure and forces in simple liquid metals / I. Ebbsjö, G.G. Robinson, and N.H. March. 7. Properties of liquid direct correlation function at melting temperature related to vacancy formation energy in condensed phases of rare gases / A.B. Bhatia and N.H. March. 8. Relation between principal peak height, position and width of structure factor in dense monatomic liquids / A.B. Bhatia and N.H. March. 9. Electron correlation, chemical bonding and the metal-insulator transition in expanded fluid alkalis / N.H. March. 10. Magnetic susceptibility of expanded fluid alkali metals / R.G. Chapman and N.H. March. 11. Structure inversion: Pair potentials with common characteristics from three theories at low density on liquid-vapour coexistence curve of Cs / J.A. Ascough and N.H. March. 12. Pair potentials for liquid sodium near freezing from electron theory and from inversion of the measured structure factor / F. Perrot and N.H. March. 13. Information content of diffraction experiments on liquids and amorphous solids / N.H. March. 14. Binding in pair potentials of liquid simple metals from nonlocality in electronic kinetic energy / F. Perrot and N.H. March. 15. The deviation of the pair potential from the potential of mean force in molten Na near freezing / K. Tankeswar and N.H. March. 16. Three-particle correlation function and structural theories of dense metallic liquids / K.I. Golden, N.H. March, and A.K. Ray. 17. Long-range polarization interaction in simple liquid metals / M. Blazej and N.H. March. 18. Liquid structural theories of two- and three-dimensional plasmas / K.I. Golden and N.H. March. 19. Nature of chemical bonding in highly expanded heavy alkalis : especially Cs and Rb / G.R. Freeman and N.H. March. 20. Diffraction and transport in dense plasmas : especially liquid metals / N.H. March and M.P. Tosi. 21. Structural corrections to Stokes-Einstein relation for liquid metals near freezing / N.H. March and J.A. Alonso. pt. 2b. Electronic correlation functions in liquid metals. 1. Quantum theory of pure liquid metals as two-component systems / N.H. March and M.P. Tosi. 2. Small-angle scattering from liquid metals and alloys and electronic correlation functions / M.P. Tosi and N.H. March. 3. Electron correlation functions in liquids from scattering data / P.A. Egelstaff, N.H. March, and N.C. McGill. 4. Electron- electron pair correlation function in solid and molten nearly-free electron metals / S. Cusack [and others]. 5. Electron scattering by molten aluminium / A.S. Brah, L. Virdhee, and N.H. March. 6. A diffraction study of the structure of liquid potassium near freezing and density functional theory of pair potentials / M.W. Johnson [and others]. 7. Electronic correlation functions in liquid metals / N.H. March. 8. Local coordination, electronic correlations and relation between thermodynamic and transport properties of sp liquid metals / N.H. March. 9. Thermodynamic consistency and integral equations for the liquid structure / F.E. Leys, N.H. March, and D. Lamoen. 10. Electron-electron correlations in liquid s-p metals / F.E. Leys and N.H. March. 11. Low density observations of Rb and Cs chains along the liquid-vapour coexistence curves to the critical point in relation to quantum-chemical predictions on the metal-insulator transitions in Li and Na rings / G.G.N. Angilella, N.H. March, and R. Pucci -- 3. One-body potential theory of molecules and condensed matter. 3a. Thomas-Fermi semiclassical approximation. 1. Theoretical determination of the electron distribution in benzene by the Thomas-Fermi and the molecular-orbital methods / N.H. March. 2. Thomas-Fermi fields for molecules with tetrahedral and octahedral symmetry / N.H. March. 3. The relation between the Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin and the Thomas-Fermi approximations / N.H. March and J.S. Plaskett. 4. Non-relativistic theory of atomic and ionic binding energies for large atomic number / N.H. March and R.J. White. 5. Relation between the total energy and eigenvalue sum for neutral atoms and molecules / N.H. March. 6. Exact local density method for linear harmonic oscillator / G.P. Lawes and N.H. March. 7
  • Chemical potential, Teller's theorem and the scaling of atomic and molecular energies / N.H. March and R.G. Parr. 8. Inhomogeneous electron gas theory of molecular dissociation energies / N.H. March. 9. On the adiabatic connection method, and scaling of electron-electron interactions in the Thomas-Fermi limit / M. Levy, N.H. March, and N.C. Handy. 10. Two-dimensional electrostatic analog of the March model of C60 with a semiquantitative application to planar ring clusters / C. Amovilli and N.H. March. pt. 3b. Transcending Thomas-Fermi theory. 1. Approximate solutions of the density matrix equation for a local average field / N.H. March and W.H. Young. 2. Relation between Dirac and canonical density matrices, with applications to imperfections in metals / N.H. March and A.M. Murray. 3. Electron theory of interaction between point defects in metals / G.K. Corless and N.H. March. 4. Exact Thomas-Fermi method in perturbation theory / J.C. Stoddart and N.H. March. 5. Differential equation for the ground-state density in finite and extended inhomogeneous electron gases / N.H. March. 6. Spatially dependent generalization of Kato 's theorem for atomic closed shells in a bare Coulomb field / N.H. March. 7. The local potential determining the square root of the ground-state electron density of atoms and molecules from the Schrödinger equation / N.H. March. 8. Differential equation for Slater sum in an inhomogeneous electron liquid / H. Lehmann and N.H. March. 9. Bound-state plus continuum electron densities, and Slater sum, in a bare Coulomb field / S. Pfalzner, H. Lehmann, and N.H. March. 10. Exact exchange-correlation potential and approximate exchange potential in terms of density matrices / A. Holas and N.H. March. 11. Line-integral formulas for exchange and correlation potentials separately / M. Levy and N.H. March
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