The Resource Medical microbiology : a guide to microbial infections: pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosis and control, edited by David Greenwood ... [et al.]

Medical microbiology : a guide to microbial infections: pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosis and control, edited by David Greenwood ... [et al.]

Medical microbiology : a guide to microbial infections: pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosis and control
Medical microbiology
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a guide to microbial infections: pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosis and control
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edited by David Greenwood ... [et al.]
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Medical microbiology : a guide to microbial infections: pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosis and control, edited by David Greenwood ... [et al.]
Previous ed.: 2002
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  • Contents note continued: 60.Prion diseases (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies) Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease; Gerstmann-Straussier-Scheinker syndrome; fatal familial insomnia; iatrogenic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease; kuru; variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease; bovine spongiform encephalopathy; scrapie / J. W. Ironside -- pt. 5 FUNGAL PATHOGENS, PARASITIC INFECTIONS AND MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY -- 61.Fungi -- Superficial, subcutaneous and systemic mycoses / D. W. Warnock -- 62.Protozoa -- Malaria; toxoplasmosis; cryptosporidiosis; amoebiasis; trypanosomiasis; leishmaniasis; giardiasis; trichomoniasis / D. Greenwood -- 63.Helminths -- Intestinal worm infections; filariasis; schistosomiasis; hydatid disease / D. Greenwood -- 64.Arthropods -- Arthropod-borne diseases; ectoparasitic infections; allergy / R. C. Russell -- pt. 6 DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND CONTROL OF INFECTION -- 65.Infective syndromes / R. C. B. Slack -- 66.Diagnostic procedures / R. C. B. Slack -- 67.Strategy of antimicrobial chemotherapy / R. C. B. Slack -- 68.Epidemiology and control of community infections / D. Goldberg -- 69.Hospital infection / R. C. B. Slack -- 70.Immunization / R. C. B. Slack
  • Contents note continued: Legionnaires' disease; Pontiac fever / G. F. S. Edwards -- 34.Brucella, bartonella and streptobacillus -- Brucellosis; Oroya fever; trench fever; cat scratch disease; bacillary angiomatosis; rat bite fever / M. J. Corbel -- 35.Yersinia, pasteurella and francisella -- Plague; pseudotuberculosis; mesenteric adenitis; pasteurellosis; tularaemia / M. J. Corbel -- 36.Non-sporing anaerobes Wound infection; periodontal disease; abscess; normal flora / R. P. Allaker -- 37.Treponema and borrelia -- Syphilis; yaws; relapsing fever; Lyme disease / A. Cockayne -- 38.Leptospira Leptospirosis; Weil's disease / M. Picardeau -- 39.Chlamydia -- Genital and ocular infections; infertility; atypical pneumonia / R. W. Peeling -- 40.Rickettsia, orientia, ehrlichia, anaplasma and coxiella Typhus; spotted fevers; scrub typhus; ehrlichioses; Q fever / Xue-Jie Yu -- 41.Mycoplasmas -- Respiratory and genital tract infections / D. Taylor-Robinson --
  • Contents note continued: Meningitis; septicaemia; gonorrhoea; respiratory infections / D. A. A. Ala'Aldeen -- 24.Salmonella -- Food poisoning; enteric fever / H. Chart -- 25.Shigella -- Bacillary dysentery / H. Chart -- 26.Escherichia -- Urinary tract infection; travellers' diarrhoe; haemorrhagic colitis; haemolytie uraemic syndrome / H. Chart -- 27.Klebsiella, enterobacter, proteus and other enterobacteria Pneumonia; urinary tract infection; opportunist infection / H. Chart -- 28.Pseudomonads and non-fermenters Opportunist infection; cystic fibrosis; melioidosis / J. R. W. Govan -- 29.Campylobacter and helicobacter Enteritis; polyneuropathy; gastritis; peptic ulcer disease; gastric cancer / A. H. M. van Vliet -- 30.Vibrio, mobiluncus, gardnerella and spirillum -- Cholera; vaginosis; rat bite fever / H. Chart -- 31.Haemophilus Respiratory infections; meningitis; chancroid / M. P. E. Slack -- 32.Bordetella -- Whooping cough / N. W. Preston -- 33.Legionella --
  • Contents note continued: Respiratory infections; mumps; measles; Hendra/Nipah disease / C. R. Madeley -- 51.Arboviruses: alphaviruses, flaviviruses and bunyaviruses -- Encephalitis; yellow fever; dengue; haemorrhagic fever; miscellaneous tropical fevers; undifferentiated fever / S. C. Weaver -- 52.Hepaciviruses and hepeviruses Hepatitis C and E viruses; non-A, non-B hepatitis / P. Simmonds -- 53.Arenaviruses and filoviruses Viral haemorrhagic fevers / D. Falzarano -- 54.Reoviruses Gastroenteritis / O. Nakagomi -- 55.Retroviruses Acquired immune deficiency syndrome; HTLV-1 / Y. A. Taha -- 56.Caliciviruses and astroviruses Diarrhoeal disease / W. D. Cubitt -- 57.Coronaviruses / J. S. M. Peiris -- 58.Rhabdoviruses / A. R. Fooks -- 59.Togaviruses Rubella / L. M. Hesketh --
  • Contents note continued: Skin infections; osteomyelitis; bloodstream infection; food poisoning; foreign body infections; MRSA / H. Humphreys -- 16.Streptococcus and enterococcus -- Pharyngitis; scarlet fever; skin and soft tissue infections; streptococcal toxic shock syndrome; pneumonia; meningitis; urinary tract infections; rheumatic fever; post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis / M. Kilian -- 17.Coryneform bacteria, listeria and erysipelothrix / P. Riegel -- Diphtheria; listeriosis; erysipeloid -- 18.Mycobacterium -- Tuberculosis; leprosy / J. M. Grange -- 19.Environmental mycobacteria -- Opportunist disease / J. M. Grange -- 20.Actinomyces, nocardia and tropheryma -- Actinomycosis; nocardiasis; Whipple's disease / J. M. Grange -- 21.Bacillus Anthrax; food poisoning / H. S. Atkins -- 22.Clostridium -- Gas gangrene; tetanus; food poisoning; pseudomembranous colitis / T. V. Riley -- 23.Neisseria and moraxella --
  • Contents note continued: pt. 4 VIRAL PATHOGENS AND ASSOCIATED DISEASES -- 42.Adenoviruses Respiratory disease; conjunctivitis; gut infections / C. R. Madeley -- 43.Herpesviruses -- Herpes simplex; varicella and zoster; infectious mononucleosis; B cell lymphomas; cytomegalovirus disease; exanthem subitum; Kaposi's sarcoma; herpes B / M. M. Ogilvie -- 44.Poxviruses -- Smallpox; molluscum contagiosum; parapoxvirus infections / T. H. Pennington -- 45.Papillomaviruses and polyomaviruses Warts: warts and cancers; polyomavirus associated nephropathy; progressive multifocal leuco-encephalopathy / C. Y. W. Jong -- 46.Hepadnaviruses -- Hepatitis B virus infection; hepatitis delta virus infection / C. Y. W. Jong -- 47.Parvoviruses B19 infection; erythema infectiosum / P. J. Molyneaux -- 48.Picornaviruses -- Meningitis; paralysis; rashes; intercostal myositis; myocarditis; infectious hepatitis; common cold / S. M. Burns -- 49.Orthomyxoviruses -- Influenza / M. Zambon -- 50.Paramyxoviruses --
  • pt. 1 MICROBIAL BIOLOGY -- 1.Microbiology and medicine / M. R. Barer -- 2.Morphology and nature of micro-organisms / M. R. Barer -- 3.Classification, identification and typing of micro-organisms / M. R. Barer -- 4.Bacterial growth, physiology and death / M. R. Barer -- 5.Antimicrobial agents / W. L. Irving -- 6.Bacterial genetics / K. J. Towner -- 7.Virus-cell interactions / M. Norval -- pt. 2 INFECTION AND IMMUNITY -- 8.Immunological principles: Antigens and antigen recognition / J. Stewart -- 9.Innate and acquired immunity / J. Stewart -- 10.Immunity in viral infections / J. Stewart -- 11.Parasitic infections: Pathogenesis and immunity / J. Stewart -- 12.Immunity in bacterial infections / J. Stewart -- 13.Bacterial pathogenicity / K. G. Wooldridge -- 14.The natural history of infection / M. R. Barer -- pt. 3 BACTERIAL PATHOGENS AND ASSOCIATED DISEASES -- 15.Staphylococcus --
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