The Resource Origins : genesis, evolution and diversity of life, edited by Joseph Seckbach

Origins : genesis, evolution and diversity of life, edited by Joseph Seckbach

Origins : genesis, evolution and diversity of life
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genesis, evolution and diversity of life
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edited by Joseph Seckbach
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  • Cellular origin, life in extreme habitats and astrobiology
  • Cellular origins, life in extreme habitats and astrobiology
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  • v. 6
  • v. 6
Origins : genesis, evolution and diversity of life, edited by Joseph Seckbach
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Machine derived contents note: Foreword, Leslie E. Orgel; Preface, Joseph Seckbach; Acknowledgements, Joseph Seckbach; List of Authors and their Adresses; Legends for the Cover Photo; I. Origin & Evolution of Life. Introduction, Joseph Seckbach; The Fact of Life, Philip Morrison; Historical Review of the Origin of Life and Astrobiology, Florence Raulin-Cerceau; In the Beginning, Louis Lerman and Jacqueline Teng; II. The Standard Scenario. The Chemistry of Life?s Origins, Andre Brack; Prebiotic Amphiphilic Compounds: Self-Assembly and Properties of Early Membrane Structures, David W. Deamer; Theoretical and Computational Approaches to the Study of the Origin of Life, Daniel Segr ̈and Doron Lancet; The HCN World: Establishing Protein-Nucleic Acid Life via Hydrogen Cyanide Polymers, Clifford Matthews; The Possible Role of Volcanic Lightning in Chemical Evolution, Rafael Navarro-Gonzl̀ez and Antigona Segura; Chemistry in Prebiotic Aerosols: a Mechanism for the Origin of Life, Heikki Tervahattu, Adrian F. Tuck and Veronica Vaida; III. Alternatives to the Standard Scenario. Prebiotic Interplay between Fatty Acids and Amino Acids in Hydrothermal Environments, Koichiro Matsuno; The Role of Clays in the Origin of Life, Alicia Negron-Mendoza and Sergio Ramos-Bernal; Organomineralization: A Clue to the Understanding of Meteorite-Related "Bacteria-Shaped" Carbonate Particles, Joachim Reitner; IV. The First Steps of Biological Evolution. Role of Nucleotide-Like Coenzymes in Primitive Evolution, Mikhail S. Kritsky and T.A. Telegina; Cosmic Thermobiology: Thermal Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Life in the Universe, Charles H. Lineweaver and David W. Schwartzman; Paradigm Completion for Generalized Evolutionary Theory with Application to Epistemology, Yuval Ne?eman; V. The First Cells. The Outlines of Bacterial Evolution, Radhey S. Gupta; Cell Wall Structures of Mesophilic, Thermophilic and Hyperthermophilic Archaea, Helmut Kn̲ig, Harald Claus and Erol Akca; Potentional Role of Dissimilatory Iron Reduction in the Early Evolution of Microbial Respiration, Derek R. Lovley; The Evolution of Lipids in Prokaryotes, Y.H. Itoh and T. Itoh; Calcium Build-up in the Precambrian Sea: A Major Promoter in the Evolution of Eukaryotic Life, Jz̤ef Kazmierczak and S. Kempe; The Viral Eukaryogenesis Theory, P.J.L. Bell; VI. Extremophiles & Biodiversity. Introduction to the Extremophiles, Joseph Seckbach and Aharon Oren; Alkalithermophiles: A Double Challenge form Extreme Environments, V.V. Kevbrin, Christopher S. Romanek and J. Wiegel; Halophilic Microorganisms: Physiology and Phylogeny, Aharon Oren; Adaptation of Bacteria to the Terrestrial Permafrost Environment: A Biomodel for Astrobiology, Vera S. Soina and E.A. Vorobyova; Phototrophic Bacteria and UV Stress, Richard W. Castenholz; Importance of Chemolithotrophy for Early Life on Earth: The Tinto River (Iberian Pyritic Belt) Case, R. Amils, E. Gonzl̀ez-toril, F. Gm̤ez, D. Fernǹdez-Remolar, N. Rodrg̕uez, M. Malki, J. Zuluaga, A. Aguilera, L.A. Amaral-Zettler; Glacial Periods on Early Earth and Implications for the Evolution of Life, Warwick F. Vincent, Derek Mueller, Patrick van Hove and Clive Howard-Williams; The Evolutionary Ecology of Species Diversity in Stressed and Extreme Environments, Dan Cohen; Microbial Diversity in Meso-Neoproterozoic Formations, with Particular Reference to the Himalaya, Vinod Chandra Tewari; Microbial Biodiversity within the Vibrionacean, Michele K. Nishiguchi and Bryan W. Jones; VII. Distribution & Destiny of Life in The Universe. Comets and the Origin of Life on the Primitive Earth, Joan Or;̤ Evaluating Comets as a Source of Earth?s Water, Humberto Campins, Timothy D. Swindle and David A. Kring; From Microbial Fossils to Astrobiology, Jan Toporski and Andrew Steele; Organisms in Extreme Environments: From the Origin and Early Evolution of Life on Earth to Astrobiology, David A Wharton; A Brief Geological History of Water on Mars, Victor R. Baker; Evolution of the Martin Water Inventory, Helmut Lammer, Herbert I.M. Lichtenegger and Azarnoush Hosseinmardi; Possible Biogeochemical Cycles on Titan, M.B. Simakov; Astrobiology?s Last Frontiers: Distribution and Destiny of Life in the Universe, Julian Chela-Flores; Organism Index; Subject Index
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