The Resource Recent progress in many-body theories : proceedings of the 11th international conference : Manchester, UK, 9-13 July 2001, editors Raymond F. Bishop [and others]

Recent progress in many-body theories : proceedings of the 11th international conference : Manchester, UK, 9-13 July 2001, editors Raymond F. Bishop [and others]

Recent progress in many-body theories : proceedings of the 11th international conference : Manchester, UK, 9-13 July 2001
Recent progress in many-body theories
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proceedings of the 11th international conference : Manchester, UK, 9-13 July 2001
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editors Raymond F. Bishop [and others]
Quantum many-body theory as a discipline in its own right dates largely from the 1950's. It has developed since then to its current position as one of the cornerstones of modern theoretical physics. The field remains vibrant and active, vigorous and exciting. Its most powerful techniques are truly universal. They are constantly expanding to find new fields of application, while advances continue to be made in the more traditional areas. To commemorate the impending 80th birthdays of its two co-inventors, Firtz Coester and Hermann Kümmel, one such technique, namely the coupled cluster method, was especially highlighted at this meeting, the eleventh in the series of International Conferences on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories. The history of the coupled cluster method as told here mirrors in many ways both the development of the entire discipline of microscopic quantum many-body theory and the history of the series of conferences. The series itself is universally recognised as being the premier series of meetings in this subject area. Its proceedings have always summarised the current state of the art through the lectures of its leading practitioners. The present volume is no exception. No serious researcher in quantum many-body theory or in any field which uses it can afford to be without this volume
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Series on advances in quantum many-body theory
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Recent progress in many-body theories : proceedings of the 11th international conference : Manchester, UK, 9-13 July 2001, editors Raymond F. Bishop [and others]
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  • Feenberg memorial medal presentation. Philippe Nozières: Feenberg medalist 2001: microscopic and phenomenological foundations of the theory of quantum many-body systems / A.J. Leggett, E. Krotscheck and J.W. Negele -- Philippe Nozières replies -- Strongly correlated condensed matter and low-dimensional systems. Fermiology in correlated electron systems / Hideo Aoki -- Exchange frequencies in the 2d Wigner crystal / B. Bernu [and others] -- Broken symmetry and Josephson-like tunnelling in quantum Hall bilayers / S.M. Girvin -- Low temperature properties of 2D correlated electrons in weakly disordered materials / D. Neilson and D.J.W. Geldart -- Kondo alloys and the Mott metal-insulator transition: an old problem revisited / P. Nozières -- Andreev reflection and subgap transport due to electron-magnon interactions in ferromagnet-superconductor junctions / G. Tkachov, E. McCann and V.I. Fal'ko -- Skyrmions in quantum Hall systems / N.R. Walet, O. Schwindt and T. Weidig -- Quantum magnetism. Linked cluster series expansions for two-particle states in quantum lattice models / W. Zheng [and others] -- Quantum frustrated magnets: from theory to experiments / F. Mila -- Quantum phases in two-dimensional frustrated spin-1/2 antiferromagnets / P. Sindzingre, C. Lhuillier and J.-B. Fouet -- Transport anomalies and marginal fermi-liquid effects at a quantum critical point / D. Belitz [and others] -- Magnetic excitation of orthogonal dimer Heisenberg spin system for SrCu[symbol] / S. Miyahara, K. Totsuka and K. Ueda -- Rotational band structure of low-lying excitations in small Heisenberg systems / J. Schnack, M. Luban and R. Modler -- Quantum disorder of an antiferromagnetic spin model on the Sierpiński gasket / A. Voigt and J. Richter -- Phase transitions. Finite temperature dynamics near quantum phase transitions / S. Sachdev -- Superconductivity and quantum phase transitions in weak itinerant ferromagnets / T.R. Kirkpatrick [and others] -- Thermal phases in finite quantum systems / D.J. Dean -- The Mott transition and f electron physics / G. Kotliar and S.Y. Savrasov
  • Coupled cluster methods. A tribute to Hermann Kümmel on his 80th birthday / R.F. Bishop -- A biography of the coupled cluster method / H.G. Kümmel -- From light nuclei to nuclear matter -- the role of relativity? / F. Coester -- Intermediate Hamiltonian Fock-space coupled cluster method and applications / A. Landau, E. Eliav and U. Kaldor -- Coupled cluster treatments of quantum magnets: two examples / S.E. Krüger, D.J.J. Farnell and J. Richter -- A finite-temperature generalisation of the coupled cluster method: a non-perturbative access to grand partition functions / S.H. Mandal [and others] -- Coupled-cluster approach to correlation in small molecules: energy vs. amplitude corrected methods / J. Paldus and X. Li -- Coupled cluster calculations of the Schwinger model in Hamiltonian lattice gauge theory / R. McDonald and N.R. Walet -- New frontiers and methods. Control of quantum systems / J.W. Clark, D.G. Lucarelli and T.-J. Tarn -- Hidden unity in the quantum description of matter / G. Ortiz and C.D. Batista -- The diffusion quantum Monte Carlo method: designing trial wave functions for NiO / R.J. Needs and M.D. Towler -- Cluster algorithm solution of sign and complex action problems / U.-J. Wiese -- Isothermal quantum dynamics: Nosé-Hoover dynamics for coherent states / D. Mentrup and J. Schnack -- Density-matrix renormalisation group for dynamic correlation functions / E. Jeckelmann -- A fourth order real-space algorithm for solving local Schrödinger equations / E. Krotscheck, J. Auer and S.A. Chin -- Optoelectronics and transport. Dissipation in open two-level systems: perturbation theory and polaron transformation / T. Brandes and T. Vorrath -- Nonlinear electron transport through double quantum dots coupled to confined phonons / S. Debald, T. Brandes and B. Kramer -- Coupled cluster techniques and the Rabi Hamiltonian / C. Emary -- Transport in quantum wires with impurities at finite temperature / T. Kleimann, M. Sassetti and B. Kramer -- Dynamics of a large-spin-boson system in the strong coupling regime / T. Vorrath, T. Brandes and B. Kramer
  • Nuclear and subnuclear many-body problems. Recent developments in the nuclear many-body problem / R.J. Furnstahl -- The Bethe-Brueckner-Goldstone theory of the nuclear equation of state and neutron stars / M. Baldo and G.F. Burgio -- Scaling in many-body systems and proton structure function / O. Benhar -- Saturation properties of nuclear matter and correlated nucleons / W.H. Dickhoff and E.P. Roth -- Covariant effective field theory for bulk properties of nuclei / B.D. Serot -- Relativistic mean field theory for unstable nuclei and supernovae / H. Toki -- Colour superconductivity in finite systems / P. Amore [and others] -- Nuclear many-body theory at finite temperature applied to a protoneutron star / G.F. Marranghello, C.A.Z. Vasconcellos and M. Dillig -- On the two-body momentum distribution in finite nuclei / P. Papakonstantinou, E. Mavrommatis and T.S. Kosmas -- TICC2 state-dependent correlations in nuclei / I. Moliner -- EOS of nuclear matter within a generalised NJL model / C. da Providência, J. da Providência and S.A. Moszkowski -- Spectroscopy of high-K bands in The A = 180 region using a quantum many-body method / A.K. Rath, P.M. Walker and C.R. Praharaj -- Effective nucleon-nucleon interaction and Fermi liquid theory / A. Schwenk, G.E. Brown and B. Friman -- Quantum fluids, superfiuids and superconductivity. Quantum fluid mixtures in different phases / M. Saarela and T. Taipaleenmäki -- Bose-Einstein condensation and excitations in solid [symbol]He with vacancies / D.E. Galli and L. Reatto -- Excitations in confined Fermi fluids / E.S. Hernández -- Structure and spectroscopy of doped helium clusters using quantum Monte Carlo techniques / A. Viel and K.B. Whaley -- Renormalisation group analysis of the two-dimensional Hubbard model: spin correlations and d-wave superconductivity / W. Metzner -- Exciton-phonon packets with Bose-Einstein condensate / D. Roubtsov and Y. Lépine
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