The Resource The Rhode Island state constitution, Patrick T. Conley and Robert G. Flanders, Jr

The Rhode Island state constitution, Patrick T. Conley and Robert G. Flanders, Jr

The Rhode Island state constitution
The Rhode Island state constitution
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Patrick T. Conley and Robert G. Flanders, Jr
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The Oxford commentaries on the state constitutions of the United States
The Rhode Island state constitution, Patrick T. Conley and Robert G. Flanders, Jr
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 297-327) and index
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Machine generated contents note: pt. ONE Rhode Island Constitutional Development, 1636-2006 -- The Colonial Era: to 1763 -- The Revolutionary Era: 1764-1790 -- The Early National Period: 1790-1840 -- The Dorr Rebellion and Its Aftermath: 1841-1854 -- The Republican Ascendancy: 1854-1935 -- The Bloodless Revolution and Its Aftermath: 1935-1939 -- The Democratic Ascendancy: 1940-1985 -- The Modem Era: 1986-2006 -- pt. TWO The Rhode Island Constitution and Commentary -- Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations -- Preamble -- Article I Declaration of Certain Constitutional Rights and Principles -- Section 1 Right to make and alter the constitution -- Constitution obligatory upon all -- Section 2 Laws for good of the whole -- Burdens to be equally distributed -- Due process -- Equal protection -- Discrimination -- No right to abortion granted -- Section 3 Freedom of religion -- Section 4 Slavery prohibited -- Section 5 Entitlement to remedies for injuries and wrongs -- Right to justice -- Section 6 Search and seizure -- Section 7 Requirement of presentment or indictment -- Double jeopardy -- Section 8 Bail, fines, and punishments -- Section 9 Right to bail -- Habeas corpus -- Section 10 Rights of accused in criminal cases -- Section 11 Relief of debtors from prison -- Section 12 Ex post facto laws -- Laws impairing the obligation of contract -- Section 13 Self-incrimination -- Section 14 Presumption of innocence -- Securing accused persons -- Section 15 Trial by jury -- Section 16 Compensation for taking private property for public use -- Regulation of fishery rights and shore privileges not a public taking -- Section 17 Fishery rights -- Privileges of the shore -- Conservation of natural resources -- Preservation of the natural environment -- Section 18 Subordination of the military to civil authority -- Section 19 Quartering of soldiers -- Section 20 Freedom of the press -- Section 21 Right to assemble and petition -- Freedom of speech -- Section 22 Right to bear arms -- Section 23 Rights of victims of crime -- Section 24 Rights not enumerated -- State rights not dependent on federal rights -- Article II Of Suffrage -- Section 1 Persons entitled to vote -- Section 2 Nominations, voter registration, and voting procedures -- Article III Of Qualification for Office -- Section 1 Civil office -- Qualified electors -- Section 2 Disqualification upon conviction or plea of nolo contendere -- Requalification following sentence, probation, or parole -- Section 3 Oath of general officers -- Section 4 Oath of General Assembly members, judges, and other officers -- Section 5 Method of administering the oath of office -- Section 6 Holding of offices under other governments -- Senators and representatives not to hold other appointed offices under state government -- Section 7 Ethical conduct -- Section 8 Ethics commission -- Code of ethics -- Article IV Of Elections and Campaign Finance -- Section 1 Election and terms of governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, general treasurer, and General Assembly members -- Recall -- Section 2 Election by plurality -- Section 3 Filling vacancy by the General Assembly when elected officers cannot serve -- Election when there is no plurality -- Section 4 Temporary appointment to fill vacancies in the office of secretary of state, attorney general, or general treasurer -- Section 5 Special elections to fill General Assembly vacancies -- Section 6 Elections in grand committee -- Majority vote -- Term of elected official -- Section 7 Elections in grand committee -- Quorum -- Permitted activities -- Section 8 Voter registration lists -- Section 9 Reports of campaign contributions and expenses -- Section 10 Limitations on campaign contributions -- Public financing of campaign expenditures of general officers -- Article V Of the Distribution of Powers -- Article VI Of the Legislative Power -- Section 1 Constitution the supreme law of the state -- Section 2 Power vested in the General Assembly -- Concurrence of houses required to enact laws -- Style of laws -- Section 3 Sessions of the General Assembly -- Compensation of General Assembly members and officers -- Section 4 Restriction on General Assembly members' activities as counsel -- Section 5 Immunities of General Assembly members -- Section 6 Election and qualification of General Assembly members -- Quorum and organization of houses -- Section 7 Rules of the houses -- Contempt -- Section 8 House journals -- Section 9 Adjournment of houses -- Section 10 Residual powers (repealed in 2005) -- Section 11 Vote required to pass local or private appropriations -- Section 12 Property valuations for tax assessments -- Section 13 Continuance in office until successors qualify -- Section 14 General corporation laws -- Section 15 Lotteries -- Section 16 Borrowing power of the General Assembly -- Section 17 Borrowing in anticipation of receipts -- Section 18 Redevelopment powers -- Section 19 Taking of property for highways, streets, places, parks, or parkways -- Section 20 Local off-street parking facilities -- Section 21 Emergency powers in case of enemy attack -- Section 22 Referendum on the expansion of gambling -- Article VII Of the House of Representatives -- Section 1 Composition -- Section 2 Officers -- Presiding member during organization -- Article VIII Of the Senate -- Section 1 Composition and apportionment -- Section 2 Lieutenant governor to be presiding officer until 2003 -- Section 3 Presiding officer in absence of lieutenant governor (repealed) -- Section 4 Secretary of state to be secretary of the senate (repealed) -- Article IX Of the Executive Power -- Section 1 Power vested in the governor -- Section 2 Faithful execution of laws -- Section 3 Captain general and commander in chief of military and navy -- Section 4 Reprieves -- Section 5 Powers of appointment -- Section 6 Adjournment of the General Assembly -- Section 7 Convening of special sessions of the General Assembly -- Section 8 Commissions and the state seal -- Section 9 Vacancy in the office of the governor -- Section 10 Vacancies in offices of both the governor and lieutenant governor -- Section 11 Compensation of the governor and lieutenant governor -- Section 12 Powers and duties of the secretary of state, attorney general, and general treasurer -- Section 13 Pardons -- Section 14 Veto power of governor -- Veto overrides by General Assembly -- Acts effective without action by the governor -- Section 15 State budget -- Section 16 Limitation on state spending -- Section 17 Budget reserve account -- Article X Of the Judicial Power -- Section 1 Power vested in the courts -- Section 2 Jurisdiction of the supreme and inferior courts -- Quorum of the supreme court -- Section 3 Advisory opinions by the supreme court -- Section 4 Judicial selection -- Section 5 Tenure of supreme court justices -- Section 6 Compensation for justices of the supreme court -- Section 7 Wardens and justices of the peace -- Article XI Of Impeachments -- Section 1 Power of impeachment by the House -- Section 2 Impeachment trial by the senate -- Section 3 Governor, executive officers, judges liable to impeachment -- Grounds for impeachment -- Article XII Of Education -- Section 1 Duty of the General Assembly to promote public schools and public libraries and to secure opportunities for education -- Section 2 Perpetual school fund -- Section 3 Educational donations -- Section 4 Implementation of this article -- Diversion of funds prohibited -- Article XIII Home Rule for Cities and Towns -- Section 1 Right of self-government in local matters -- Section 2 Local power to adopt home rule charter in conformity with reserved powers of the General Assembly -- Section 3 Every city and town shall have a legislative body -- Section 4 General laws apply to all cities and towns but shall not affect the form of government -- Special acts need approval of local electors -- Section 5 Local taxing and borrowing power only as authorized by the General Assembly -- Section 6 Procedures for the adoption of a home rule charter -- Section 7 Vote on charter adoption -- Section 8 Amendments to a home rule charter -- Section 9 Filing of charter petition with local legislative body -- Section 10 Certification of charter adoption -- Section 11 No diminution of the power of the judiciary -- Article XIV Constitutional Amendments and Revisions -- Section 1 Amendment process -- Section 2 Procedures for the call of a constitutional convention -- Article XV General Transition -- Section 1 What remains in full force and effect -- Section 2 What continues to be valid -- Section 3 All officers to continue the duties of their office -- Section 4 Implementing legislation required
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