The Resource The geometry of complex domains, Robert E. Greene, Kang-Tae Kim, Steven G. Krantz

The geometry of complex domains, Robert E. Greene, Kang-Tae Kim, Steven G. Krantz

The geometry of complex domains
The geometry of complex domains
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Robert E. Greene, Kang-Tae Kim, Steven G. Krantz
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The geometry of complex domains, Robert E. Greene, Kang-Tae Kim, Steven G. Krantz
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  • Contents note continued: 10.1.Klembeck's Theorem with Stability in the C2 Topology -- 10.2.Separating Boundary and Interior Points -- 10.3.Ian Graham's Theorem by Scaling -- 10.4.Proper Mappings Between Bounded Strongly Pseudoconvex Domains -- 11.Afterword
  • Contents note continued: 3.5.Stability of the Geometry of the Bergman Metric -- 3.6.Further Observations on the Geometric Stability of the Bergman Curvature -- 4.Applications of Bergman Geometry -- 4.1.Applications of Stability near the Boundary -- 4.2.Bergman Representative Coordinates -- 4.3.Equivariant Embedding and Concrete Realization of Abstract Complex Structures -- 4.4.Semicontinuity of Automorphism Groups -- 4.5.Obtaining a Stable Extension -- 5.Lie Groups Realized as Automorphism Groups -- 5.1.Introduction -- 5.2.General Philosophy -- 5.3.The Saerens/Zame Proof -- 5.4.The Bedford/Dadok Proof -- 6.The Significance of Large Isotropy Groups -- 6.1.Complex Manifolds with Large Isotropy at One Point -- 6.2.Proof of Theorem 6.1.1: An Invariant Metric -- 6.3.Proof of Theorem 6.1.1: Biholomorphisms of Metric Balls -- 6.4.Proof of Theorem 6.1.1, Assuming Lemma A -- 6.5.Statement and Discussion of Lemma A --
  • Contents note continued: 6.6.Alternative Viewpoints and the Modification for the Theorem in the Manifold Case -- 6.7.The Compact Manifold Case -- 7.Some Other Invariant Metrics -- 7.1.The Caratheodory Metric -- 7.2.The Kobayashi Metric and Distance -- 7.3.Riemann Surfaces and Curvature Conditions for Kobayashi Hyperbolicity -- 7.4.Remarks on Finsler Metrics and the CRF System -- 7.5.The Wu Metric -- 7.6.The Cheng-Yau Invariant Einstein-Kahler Metric -- 8.Automorphism Groups and Classification of Reinhardt Domains -- 8.1.Reinhardt Domains -- 8.2.Sunada's Work -- 8.3.Shimizu's Theorems -- 8.4.Non-Reinhardt Circular Domains -- 9.The Scaling Method, I -- 9.1.A Basic Example: Scaling Method in Dimension 1 -- 9.2.Higher Dimensional Scaling and the Wong-Rosay Theorem -- 9.3.A Theorem of Bedford and Pinchuk -- 9.4.Analytic Polyhedra with Noncompact Automorphism Group -- 9.5.The Greene-Krantz Conjecture -- 10.The Scaling Method, II --
  • Machine generated contents note: 1.Preliminaries -- 1.1.Automorphism Groups -- 1.2.Some Fundamentals from Complex Analysis of Several Variables -- 1.3.Normal Families and Automorphisms -- 1.4.The Basic Examples -- 1.5.Orbit Accumulation Boundary Points -- 1.6.Holomorphic Vector Fields and Their Flows -- 2.Riemann Surfaces and Covering Spaces -- 2.1.Coverings of Riemann Surfaces -- 2.2.Covering Spaces and Invariant Metrics, I: Quotients of C -- 2.3.Covering Spaces and Invariant Metrics, II: Quotients of D -- 2.4.Covering Spaces and Automorphisms in General -- 2.5.Compact Quotients of D and Their Automorphisms -- 2.6.The Automorphism Group of a Riemann Surface of Genus at Least 2 -- 2.7.Automorphisms of Multiply Connected Domains -- 3.The Bergman Kernel and Metric -- 3.1.The Bergman Space and Kernel -- 3.2.The Bergman Metric on Complex Manifolds -- 3.3.Examples of Bergman Kernels and Metrics -- 3.4.The Bergman Metric on Strongly Pseudoconvex Domains --
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